About Municipal Waste:
Genre: Speed Metal Thrash

The band members themselves have stated that they are influenced from groups such as Suicidal Tendencies, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Nuclear Assault and Anthrax.

The bands songwriting approach takes form in short, crossover thrash songs. Lyrical topics have to do with alcoholism, mutants, or thrash metal. The music is also described as being, and the band has received the tag "Party thrash" from the media. The band's song titles are also comedic, or give nods to their influences such as "Thrashing's My Business and Business is Good", "Thrash? Don't Mind If I Do" and "Drunk as Shit." 

Tony Foresta - Vocals
Ryan Waste - Guitar
Land Phil - Bass
Dave Witte - Drums

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Current Location: Richmond, VA


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