CRO-MAGS Celebrate 30 Years of ‘Alpha Omega’ with Limited Edition Skate Decks!

Cro-Mags Alpha Omega Turns 30 In 2022!

Band Partners with Volatile Skateboards for Limited Edition 'Alpha Omega' Skate Decks

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Cro-Mags third studio album 'Alpha Omega', released on May 12, 1992, Cro-Mags has teamed up with Volatile Skateboards to launch a new official line of Cro-Mags decks-- kicking off with the limited edition Alpha Omega alongside the iconic Cro-Mags logo.   Cro-Mags, the legendary hardcore punk band from New York, are going strong in their 4th decade- having just released a full-length studio album 'In the Beginning' (2020) and the '2020' EP (2020), which has been described as the essential soundtrack for that insane year. Getting ready to head out on a World Tour, 2022 is also an anniversary year for this historic outfit.   Cro-Mags and Volatile look forward to bringing you the definitive line of official Cro-Mags decks. Stay tuned for more!

To pre-order these skateboards please visit: HERE 

Cro-Mags _Skate Decks_.png

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