CREMATORY Releases Single and Lyric Video “The Downfall”

New Album, Unbroken, out March 6th Pre-Order Starts NOW! CREMATORY remains Unbroken – a somber ode to transience, love and pain Welcome to the panopticon of darkness: German gothic pioneers CREMATORY continue to perform the tightrope act in the somber void with their brand new first single, “The Downfall”, along with an artful black and white lyric video. The first single introduces not just a new chapter, but prepares fans for their upcoming fifteenth album, Unbroken, to be released on March 6th via Napalm Records. “The Downfall” offers the powerful reincarnation of the sinister CREMATORY universe: Opening bell-bright, devilish sounds in addition to Felix Stass’ rough and scratchy vocals underline the night-black narrative. Dark yet melodic guitar lines mixed with staccato rhythms make this song a true eye-opener and emphasize that the band is right back in the middle of the musical black ceremony. Welcome insanity that CREMATORY has written! Welcome in madness that keeps you awake – Watch “The Downfall” HERE: With Unbroken the German pioneers of gothic metal present 15 energetic tracks boasting brutal riffs, deep growls and tight drum grooves – proving their diversity even after almost 30 years in the business. In addition to the concise influences of Neue Deutsche Härte, Unbroken appears as a bravura-piece in an industrial guise. CREMATORY states: “Yes, we’re back with gothic rock’n’roll at its finest: A tough mixture of gothic and metal in a classifying CREMATORY kind of style. Those who liked our old hit "The Fallen" will love our new single "The Downfall". Just the right song as an appetizer for our new album and the following tour in April.” Pre-Order Unbroken NOW: Tracklisting: 1. Unbroken 2. Awaits Me 3. Rise And Fall 4. Behind The Wall 5. The Kingdom 6. Inside My Heart 7. The Downfall 8. My Dreams Have Died 9. I Am 10. Broken Heroes 11. A Piece Of Time 12. Voices 13. Abduction 14. As Darkness Calls 15. Like The Tides CREMATORY are touring heavily this spring – get the chance to see them live on stage: TOUR DATES: 09.04.20 DE – Hamburg / Logo 10.04.20 DE – Berlin / Nuke Club 11.04.20 DE – Hagen / Stocks 12.04.20 DE – Cologne / Helios37 01.05.20 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser 02.05.20 DE – Munich / Backstage Club 08.05.20 DE – Trier / Mergener Hof 09.05.20 DE – Kaiserslautern / Kammgarn 21.05.20 DE – Frankfurt a.M. / Nachtleben 22.05.20 DE – Erfurt / From Hell 23.05.20 DE – Zwickau / Club Seilerstrasse 30.05.20 DE – Lindau / Club Vaudeville 31.05.20 CH – Bern / Gaskessel One of the pioneering acts of the fertile European goth metal scene in the 1990s, CREMATORY began as a strict death metal unit in 1991 before adding goth and industrial elements into their arsenal. In their 28 year long career, the band around Markus Jüllich released 14 studio albums, three live albums, various compilations and splits and played hundreds of shows around the globe – and they are still hungry for more. CREMATORY are: Felix Stass – Lead Vocals Markus Jüllich – Drums Katrin Jüllich – Keyboards Rolf Munkes – Lead Guitar Connie Andreszka – Guitars, Vocals Jason Matthias – Bass More Info: Website Napalm Facebook Instagram 

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