Reissues Galore From Emperor, Absu, Anaal Nathrakh, Blut Aus Nord, + Earth Crisis

Eventually, there comes a time when the hype about a band becomes superfluous and their status alone speaks volumes.
Such is the case with Emperor, the black metal gods.
Emperor are one of the originators of symphonic black metal that Norway is internationally renowned for and their 1992-released Wrath of the Tyrant is considered a classic. It has been been in press for over two decades... until now. The reissued vinyl arrives on August 7. Pre-order here.
The album has been re-mastered by Turan Audio with full guidance from the band, with all vinyl artwork being carefully restored to how it originally came out by Dan Capp Design and Illustration to create beautiful vinyl reissues in multiple configurations There's Wrath of the Tyrant black vinyl, limited edition transparent red vinyl, and limited edition clear vinyl with black and red splatter.
The music of ABSU has been described as mysterious, majestic, magical, powerful, and progressive. But the band has always declared the sound to be classified as "mythological occult metal." This style of supernatural music has earned the band a cult-like status on the global scale. Their talent to combine the right amounts of extreme metal music with progressive overtones, along with solid songs and magnificent showmanship, has merited the respect of fellow musicians and followers alike.
The band initially spawned in Dallas, Texas back in 1989 and went through various name changes before finally settling on ABSU in 1991 — due to their vast attraction towards Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology.
Absu's Absu— which was its fifth album overall at the time — impacted earth on February 24, 2009. It marked the recorded debut of new members Aethyris MacKay and Zawicizuz, with additional musical contributions from Vastator Terrarum, who left before completing the album, and original guitarist Shaftiel. Ezezu joined the band after the recording process was completed.
Abzu is the sixth and final studio album, released in 2011. It features new members — guitarist Vis Crom and bassist/vocalist Ezezu. It's Ezezu's first recording with the band, since he joined after the recording of 2009's Absu was completed.
The reissues arrive on July 24. Absu is a 2-LP set on turquoise vinyl. Abzu is a single LP on clear vinyl with black splatter.
Pre-order here.
Anaal Nathrakh are a British extreme metal band formed in 1999 in Birmingham, England. The band's name is Irish for snake's breath ("anál nathrach") and was taken from Merlin's Charm of Making in John Boorman's 1981 film Excalibur.
The band, started by multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney and vocalist Dave Hunt, recorded two demos in 1999, which were later released as an album, and went on to release 10 studio albums, one EP, and one compilation album. They are known for mixing elements of grindcore, black metal, death metal, industrial, and other genres.
In 2009, Anaal Nathrakh announced that they signed to Candlelight Records for their release of In the Constellation of the Black Widow. At the time, the band said it would be faster, more insidious, more ominous, more musically dexterous and wilder than ever before an "will feature a curve ball guest appearance from Zeitgeist Memento of Mexican extremists Repvblika."
Anaal Nathrakh released their sixth full-length album, Passion, in 2011, and their seventh, Vanitas, in 2012.
In the Constellation of the Black Widow will reissued as an LP with grey-green marble vinyl.
Passions will be reissued as an LP with red and white swirl mix vinyl
Vanitas will be reissues as an LP with white, black, and green mix vinyl.
The reissues arrive on July 17. Pre-order here.
Blut Aus Nord are a black metal band from Mondeville, France. The group started in 1994 as a solo project, with Vindsval playing all instruments under the name Vlad. He released two demos under this title before changing the projects name to Blut Aus Nord before the release of Ultima Thulée in 1995.
The next three albums were recorded with the aid of session musicians. It is only recently that the group has had any permanent members apart from Vindsval (who also played in The Eye and Children of Mäani).
The project's most critically acclaimed release is The Work Which Transforms God, a concept album which, in spite of being mostly instrumental with none of the lyrics made public, is meant to challenge the listener's prejudices and preconceptions about reality, life, and various metaphysical subjects. The Work Which Transforms God has been almost unanimously praised in reviews and was named by Terrorizer Magazine as its number one album of 2003.
The band has been instrumental in forging the sound titled as Black Gaze or "Extreme Shoegaze."
Memoria Vetusta II Dialogue With the Stars is available as a 2-LP orange marble vinyl.
The Work Which Transforms God is available as an ultra clear and half-black vinyl.
Ultima Thulée is available as a 2-LP on clear vinyl with blue splatter.
The reissues arrive on July 10. Pre-order here.
Earth Crisis are an American hardcore band from Syracuse, New York, active from 1989 until 2001, reuniting in 2007. Since 1993, the band's longest-serving members are vocalist Karl Buechner, guitarist Scott Crouse, bassist Ian Edwards, and drummer Dennis Merrick. Their third guitarist Erick Edwards joined the band in 1998. Salvation of Innocents is their eighth album, originally released in March 2014 by Candlelight Records.
According to vocalist Buechner, it is their first album entirely dedicated to animal rights and anti-vivisection. A new comic book of the Liberator series, published by Black Mask Studios, has been made in collaboration with the band and released simultaneously with the album, sharing similar conceptual ideas and artwork. The album have been lovingly remastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio.
Earth Crisis is considered a crucial developer and influence for both the metalcore genre and vegan straight edge movement.
The reissue is out July 10. Pre-order here.

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