RIVER CULT New LP ‘Chilling Effect’ Out Today!

"Though it's rife with scorch and raw vibes, Chilling Effect still manages to live up to its name. Boogie and chill?"
-The Obelisk-
Heavy-leaning Psychedelic trio RIVER CULT have released their sophomore studio album Chilling Effect, today via Tee Pee Records. The physical album is available via Nasoni Records
The band comments on the new album, 'Chilling Effect':
"With Chilling Effect, we were looking to take what we did on Halcyon Daze and expand it into new stylistic territories while retaining our sound and not straying too far from the path. To accomplish this, we worked with Charles Burst once more to ensure the album would have a similar feel and vibe to Halcyon Daze. This time around, we put a bit more focus on vocals and adding flourishes to the album, but still recorded the whole thing live in the studio with relatively few overdubs. Recording the instrumentation live is an important element for us as a band, and we hope the live feel comes across on the album."
Order Chilling Effect HERE.
Chilling Effect Tracklisting:
1. Chilling Effect
2. Left Hand Path
3. Neo Dog
4. Red Return
5. Fool's Gold

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