The Pit Launches A New Heavy-Metal Talk Show, No Remorse

No Remorse, the brand new weekly heavy-metal talk show on The Pit, has premiered its first-ever episode today. Directed and produced by Katie Rose Leon (Two Minutes To Late Night), hosted by Jordan Olds (Two Minutes To Late Night), and joined by Katy Irizarry (Loudwire, Revolver, Eddie Trunk) and Travis Reilly (This Is Hell), the episode covers this week’s weirdest, wildest, wackest topics in metal, along with opinions on new releases and enough Disturbed impressions to get David Draiman to block them on Twitter -- if he still had his Twitter account. Watch the premiere of No Remorse HERE. Katie Rose Leon comments: “I have been so excited to bring No Remorse to life at The Pit. The hosts are all people who have worked in various aspects of the music industry, but more importantly are just straight up metal fans. Come for the news, stay for the loud opinions. It’s like the messy arguments you get into top ten lists with you friends at the bar but without any sticky floors.” Jordan Olds comments: “I’m stoked to be a part of the show. I love talking about all types of heavy music and learning about what excites people about it. I look forward to steering the ship and to seeing how many Austin Powers impressions they will let me get away with!” New episodes will air on The Pit’s YouTube channel every Thursday morning. Subscribe to see not only No Remorse, but also exclusive behind-the-scenes video content, interviews, and all things heavy metal from The Pit. Contact:

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