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Rome Incarnate Review 05/18/12 

05/18/12 Allegaeon "Formshifter" CD Release Party Event Review
Rome Incarnate, Artemesis, Deed of Martyrs and of course, Allegaeon.
Fort Collins is still kicking ass with one of the best metal scenes on the map, and this night was no joke for hardcore fans from all over Colorado. With some of the heaviest names in town, whoever had the pleasure of attending Allegaeon's "Formshifter" CD Realease Party will tell you the same thing: It was incredible.
Doors opened at 8pm, and Hodi's Halfnote was already crawling with people of all ages, the building alive with excitement and anticipation for what lay ahead.
First up exploding onto stage was the ever charismatic and energetic Rome Incarnate. Always pumping up the crowd and giving their fans much love, this young band had everyone edging toward the stage and banging their heads from the very first song, which they announced was one of their newest tracks to be released later next week. A little something for Rome Incarnate's fans to look forward to, as I know we here at Resident Rock Star will be. Throughout their whole set, vocalist Noah Knostman yelled out to the crowd encouraging everyone to circle around and start pitting like crazy mother fuckers, which they did immediately and didn't quit until the entire set was complete, and Rome Incarnate filed off stage.
We caught up with RI's guitarist Thomas Rife outside Hodi's after their set, and could only laugh when he asked if they did well because as usual, they were phenomenal.
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Keep your Horns up high,
-Nikki Battlescar

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