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Jacob Howard//Bass&Vocals
Joseph Howard//Drums,Percussion&Vox
Victor Cordova//Guitars&Vox
Jaime Zamora//Guitars&Vox

Scalafrea is the chill down your spine feeling one gets when you scratch your nails on a chalkboard. It could be a phobia of that feeling, or the object action or occurance that gives you that feeling.
That just gave me Scalafrea"
"Silverwhere on a glass plate is my Scalafrea,"
Originated from the Spanish/Italian word "Escalofrio" meaning to "chill." Thats actually a pretty good description of the band in itself anyway.. too chill.

New to the Death Metal scene, Scalafrea dropped like an Atom Bomb. A fusion of Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore and Melodic Technicality. Combined with Slow Chunk Riffs and Thrash Metal. Viewed as just teenage high schoolers, they we able to throw down with the best of them. Gaining respect and support from Local Death Metal elders such as Try Redemption, Thro-Cult, Skinned, The Mandrake, Nicaraguan Death Squad, and Cephalic Carnage. Scalafrea is from Commerce City, CO. They began in September 2002 as a five piece band and on December 13th 2002, played their first show at The Rosehill Grange in Commerce City, CO. The set list for this show contained songs such as Slayer's "Raining Blood", Pantera's "Domination," and "Grotesque Impalement" by Dying Fetus, plus original material While in High school Scalafrea was the rhythm section for the Schools Jazz Band.

Scalafrea's first bar gig was at the Iliff Park Saloon on August 24th, 2003, and in December of 2003 Scalafrea officially became a four piece band. Shortly after Scalafrea became a three piece band. Scalafrea was willing to play any stage or floor possible, all while writing original material in the process.

Scalafrea landed an Ogden theater show on October 1st, 2004, that spawned many other shows to follow. In December of 2005, Scalafrea recorded a demo at Flatline Audio in Denver, CO, with Dave Otero Which features Lenzig from Cephalic Carnage on "Perversed Obsession".

On AUG.18th, 2006 SCALAFREA released their EP, "Ingenuity of the Death Machine." (Self-Released). On JULY 24th, 2009 they released their first full length album entitled "Ophuichus" under Highbryd Records in Denver, CO. Which fretures Jason Netherton of Misery Index/Ex-Dying Fetus.

In 2010 they auditioned and welcomed Victor Cordova

Scalafrea has continued to write music, play shows in several different venues. They made an appearance at the sixth annual Gathering of the Sick Festival in Alb.NM. The Foothills Gutfest in 2009 and 2010. Be kind and Grind and Re grind Fests as well as VaporFest in NM and CO. They've also shared the stage with bands such as Deicide,Cephalic Carnage,Cattle Decapitation, Hate Eternal,Venom, The Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore, As Blood Runs Black, Unmerciful and many others. With over 300 shows under their belts they will continue to Convert the Masses with the momentum from10 years of playing in and out of state,2 CDs, and the Ingenuity they possess.

Current Location
Denver, CO

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Highbryd Records,
Scalafrea Enterprizes
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