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Skeletonwitch 11.09.12



“Every band on this bill could have headlined with a line up this epic.” -Amy
It was a negative nine below zero night in Denver, Colorado. Despite the blistering cold, a line longer than the venue formed. It ran from the front door, around the corner of the Summit Music Hall and down to the end of the block. Fans shivered and huddled in groups as they waited for the doors to open to the sold out concert.
Skeletonwitch: the opening act for this three band, all-star tour.
I was blown away by the intensity of Skeletonwitch’s performance style and sound. Right out of the gate the band stole the show with their dynamic texture and beats.
The rhythm section, headed up by Dustin Boltjes, tore the roof off with thrash and black metal inspired beats that got the crowd worked up and ready to rage in the pit.
By combining the insane guitar work of Nate Garnette and Scott Hedrick, the perfectly harmonized bass lines of Evan Linger, and the distinctive timber of Chance Garnette’s vocal style the performance left the listener amped up and wanting more.
 “I just can’t get enough of this band and their newest album Serpents Unleashed.” -Amy
Released in 2013, Skeletonwitch’s fifth studio album, “Serpents Unleashed”, features eleven diverse tracks in the band’s signature “in- your-face” style.
Hedrick hung out with us for a while outside the venue and talked with us a little bit about the writing style on the new album, band dynamics, and some advice for musicians who are just starting out. View this interview HERE.


Scott Hendrick of Skeletonwitch Interview