Black Sky Brewery

From the depths of a dungeon-esque world of Denver metal comes an outstanding example of what happens when you breed art, passion, metal and beer.  Black Sky Brewery does nothing short of showing the outside world what us metal heads truly have to offer.  It’s not just a musical culture, of which Black Sky Brewery fully supports by hosting local punk and metal inside their brew-haus, but it’s a culture rich in its own culture, makeup and presentation.  There’s beauty in black leather, and something wildly dazzling about spikes, tattoos and colored hair: what the owners of Black Sky Brewery have been able to accomplish is to create a meeting place where all mediums of our metal world gladly collide. 
From the décor of its industrial, yet richly dark interior where galleries of local painters abound, to the pungently sweet/sour aromas that its home-made brews exude, all the way to the outside patio, where a private garden which houses the crops actually used in the breweries beer decorate the stone walls and open city feeling of a bustling beer and pizza shop, Black Sky Brewery delivers right to the heart (and stomach) of any interested food, music, or beer aficionado. 
My only regret upon my visit to Black Sky Brewery (which I don’t get to say often) is that I didn’t drink enough.  Damn it all and damn my tongue, because this house of doom brings home the bacon in the brewing department. Demonseed IPA; Cephalic Skunk Wheat?  Yes please!  Strong in body and frontal flavors, the two beers that hit me the hardest were these screaming bitches.  Flavor is clearly an important aspect for these friars of the ferment, which is apparent in the light after-notes and intense attitude, coupled with the delightful currant hammered beer, Belgian Strong Ale; it wasn’t long before I knew I would soon be needing a designated driver (and a diaper).  Beer too good to get up from the bar-stool is what I look for, and when your infantry of sudsy soldiers present themselves more engagingly than The Trooper himself, you know you are sitting in the right chair.
You want some food, ya filthy animals?  Well trot your high heels and horns over to a food menu, and place an order on one of multiple options that their custom menu offers.  Soups, salads, starters, hoagies, pizza!  Wanna get greasy on a large “Brutal Butcher?”  This all-meat son of a bitch pie may clog your bowels with decadently fibrous red meat, but hey, this is heavy metal, eat meat, or get the fuck out.  Death Growl, The Shred, Corpse Paint?  Doesn’t matter what you choose, to be quite honest, this place likes to throw down on monumental satisfaction effect and does so with a deliciously deep crust to boot. 
Speaking of boots, if ya got a pair, they’re always welcome on the floor during a live performance of local music! Damn right they host house shows that look to promote local music.  Got a band?  Don’t suck?  Hit em up!  They’re looking for a few good women and men to grace some full-color flyers in the near future!

Thus: my experience at Black Sky Brewery—simply marvelous.  It isn’t just delish food, good service, friendly people, beautiful artwork, live music or beer, glorious beer that will keep me coming back to Black Sky; it’s all of that together.  You can go get your hipster on at any other small brewery in town, but you’re not going to get half the reality of good people and good tunes that Black Sky valets to your delight.  Metal heads have a fun way of being, an open way of expressing themselves, and a commitment to each other that is normally unrecognized in other circles of life.  You can go about pretending to be thrilled, or you can just acquiesce to the world of heavy metal, because friend, large or small, short or tall, we got something to thrill you all. Like pizza and beer! Fuck yeah!!!
By Kyle Meistadon 

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