So you want to write for Resident Rock Star Magazine? 

Writing for us if very non formal. 
You can choose to write in any style you prefer. 
You can cover any subject matter you want! 
Please note that if it is not relevant to our readers or publications it may not be published. 
We do ask that you try to follow the AP guidelines in formatting as much as possible. 
(please download) 
Examples of types of submissions accepted: 

Monthly Blogs 
How to and self-help articles 

If you are confused as to what each of these descriptions mean, please feel free to google! 
We have several media outlets: 
The website is updated continuously. 
The Magazines are published quarterly. 

The Spring issue will come out early March. 
The Summer issue early June. 
The Fall issue early September. 
The Winter issue early December. 
The Metal Maidens Issue is published once a year between Spring and Summer. 

The deadline for each issue is the 25th of the month prior to its publication. 
All deadlines are subject to change. 
All writers, editors and photographers are added to our private Facebook group once they have submitted their first article for publication. 
This group is where we keep each other updated on what we are covering, deadlines and anything else relevant to the team. 
If you do not use Facebook an alternative form of communication can be used but at this time the private group is our best and most popular format for keeping the group informed. 
All articles blogs and photos must be submitted via our website and 
You submit articles via the following website form 
This form goes to our FIRST of 3 editors who after processing it sends it on to our SECOND editor who then processes it and uploads it to a final folder, where our FINAL editor looks it over and makes any final edits as it is inserted into the printed publication and on to our website. 
All articles must be accompanied by photos or graphics. 
You may use my photography galleries located here , take your own photos or use an outside photographer or sources. 
(Please send links to appropriate photos if you are using our RRS galleries. We will download them as needed.) 
PLEASE NOTE: photos and graphics must be high resolutions (300 dpi) and royalty free. 
If you use an outside photographer or purchase stock photos, a printing and reproduction release from the photographer or receipt are also required along with your images!!! 
You cannot save photos off the internet!! They are not high resolution and are usually subject to copy writes. Please ask for clarification if you do not understand. 
Photographers will be given photo credits in our publication as long as YOU provide us with their accurate information. 
If a photographer requires you to pay them for use of their images you will need to retain a receipt for this usage fee. 
This fee is your responsibility and is not reimbursable. 
However, if you are looking to make this a career you can write these kind of expenses off on your taxes. 
Please ask for advice, clarification and our tax (FEI) number when you get to this point. 
Our dropbox email address for photos is 
If for some reason you cannot use dropbox for photos you can send them in a zip file to either or 
Please make sure photos and zip files are clearly labeled with your name the article name and if they need to be placed in a particular sequence they should be numbered and references put into your article for each photo. 
Example: Morbid Angel played a sold out show at the Blue Bird Theatre (Photo 1) opening for the band was Exmortus. (photo 2) 
The more clearly you label your graphics and photos and the more organized you are the better and more professional your articles will appear in our publications and the more likely they are to be published! 
If you have graphics and editing skills, you can submit InDesign or illustrator files via dropbox along with your text and photos, for consideration. As long as the files are packaged with all the corresponding fonts and all editing capabilities are still enacted for our editor. 
We may or may not use your graphics but it cannot hurt to submit them. 
Feedback will be provided. 
Our final printed publication is set up in the most recent version of InDesign available. 
We encourage you to submit content often and early! 
Reviews of live concerts are needed within 24-48 hours of the performance. (the sooner the better) 
This is considered “live” news and will be posted on our website as soon as it is received and someone can process it. 
Quarterly publications will include the best material submitted during the 3 months prior to the magazines publication. 
You will be paid based on word count and quarterly. 
At this time, we pay approx. $10 for articles between 500 and 1000 words roughly .01 cents per word. 
You may go over the 1000-word count although articles may be shortened to fit the print format if necessary. 
(Pay raises are given based on participation, quality, experience and knowledge.) 
The more you submit the more you are likely to get paid. 
You article must be published either online or in our printed publications in order for it to qualify for payment. 
Payments are paid out quarterly and after you have reached a minimum earned of $50 or more. 
Sometime payments will be paid out semi-annually (meaning twice a year) when funding is low. 
Be patient you will be paid as funds become available. 
You can choose not to accept payment via the submit content form in the note category should you wish to use this opportunity as a hobby or volunteer position. 
Many of our staff volunteer because they enjoy what they are doing and simply want to give back to the scene. This is not required however we would like you to understand that this is a “Newer” publication without any corporate backing and payment will not be regular like a 40 hour a week job. 
Although our long term goal as a company is to get to this point in the near future at this time it is not a possibility.

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