Behind the Scenes with The Band of Outlaws- Texas Hippie Coalition 

By Jason Neil
Photos by Amy Hutcheson
THC— Not only is it the abbreviation of the band’s name, it is also the abbreviation for something they absolutely love to smoke on a constant basis. Texas Hippie Coalition, also known as “The Band of Outlaws” are the perfect mix of heavy metal and southern biker rock straight from Texas. Not a lot of bands can pull off this image and music in the world today and get away with it, but these guys hit hard with their biker “outlaw” image and heavy riffs coupled with the southern screaming and singing of the one and only “Big Daddy Rich.”
I had the opportunity to see Texas Hippie Coalition back in April this year. I didn’t know much about the band except for their radio hit “Turn it Up.” However, thanks to Resident Rock Star Magazine, I was able to meet them and interview all the guys, except for “Big Rich” who hadn’t even got to the venue by the time I met Jon, Cord, and Timmy the night they played in my hometown of Fort Collins, CO. Although we didn’t have much time, here is what they had to say.
RRS: “How’s the tour been going so far?”
Jon: “It’s been good! Coming to Colorado has always been one of our favorite places to play for many reasons; it feels like home and the crowds are great and always energetic. The weed is some of the best in the country— and it’s legal!”
RRS: “I’ll second that. So there is a rumor of a new album coming out— any truth to that?”
Jon: “We have a new single coming out called Rock Ain’t Dead, but I have no news on the new record yet, other than it’s in the works.”
RRS: “Fair enough. When you guys write, how do you construct the songs? How did your latest album Ride On come together?”
Cord: “We wrote what we felt based on the idea of riding.”
RRS: “Do you guys have bikes? Do you ride?”
Jon: “We ride when we can, I don’t currently have a bike. Rich does the most of the lyric writing, and the bike riding— but when we get the opportunity we all ride.”
RRS: “Well next time you come out here I’ll let you ride my Harley and we can chill for a while!” (Laughs)
Jon: “Haha, sounds awesome man.”
RRS: “So what tours do you guys have lined up after this headline tour you’ve been doing?”
Cord: “We are going out with Judas Priest later this year, May 14th through July 15th. Should be a pretty badass tour.”
RRS: “Nice! That’s a big name and there should be some huge crowds for you. Be sure to drop us a line when you’re in Colorado.”
Jon: “For sure man!”



Nashville Tennessee 
Marathon Music Works
Photographer Amy Hutcheson
Danzig Fall Tour 2013