The Browning

"The Browning" Review//Summit Music Hall//Denver, CO 5/19/12 

The show began with one of the heaviest and most creative bands I've seen around in a few years- The Browning. I was very impressed with their explosive straight up brutal death metal fused with intense electronica, and stood in awe as I watched them throw down the fucking craziest set I'd witnessed in years. All the while, singer Jonny McBee screaming out to the crowd and getting everyone on the floor to clap their hands to the songs. By the 3rd song of their set, the pit was indeed in full effect and showing no signs of slowing. When they threw down "Standing on the edge" , I knew after I bought this CD I wouldn't be listening to much else through my headphones until I learned every word to every song. Damn. I am very much looking forward to seeing these guys next time they roll through town, and we are regretfully kicking each others asses here at Resident Rock Star for not catching an interview with them when we may have had the chance. PS. I wanted a tshirt, and all I got was this lousy bracelet. To read the full event review click HERE

Keep your horns up high,
-Nikki Battlescar
-Photos by: Amy Hutcheson

About The Browning: 

Jonny McBee//Vocals&Electronics
Noah Robertson//Drums
Jesse Glidewell//Bass
Collin Woroniak//Guitar
Drew Ellis//Guitar


In what could be described as nothing short of 'adventurous,' THE BROWNING's music takes influences from all across the metal spectrum and heavily fuses them with hardstyle, trance and other areas of electronic music in a way that most metal acts would not dare attempt. The band pushes boundaries and pushes buttons. In short, when it comes to The Browning, put it best when they said "the soundtrack to the apocalypse has arrived".

Hometown//Kansas City/Dallas
Record Label//Earache Records
General Manager//King Artist Management Scott Koenig: Mike Gitter:
Current Location//Dallas

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