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The Devastated

"The Devastated" Review//Summit Music Hall//Denver, CO 5/19/12  

The Devastated. Gross, grimy, groove. But I like to call it 'the shit'. Because they were the shit. Blasting onstage with a force comparable to a speeding fucking train, they rocked Summit Music Hall with a furious range of insane vocals and an overall headbanging heavy sound. Inciting a sick and furious pit on the floor, vocalist Greg Wilburn kept encouraging the swarm before him to move as he thrashed around on stage like a madman. This dude had more adrenaline than a pissed off hornet's nest. Find out more about The Devastated by watching our video interview with them on this page. To read the full event review click HERE

Keep your horns up high,
-Nikki Battlescar

About The Devastated: 

"Gross. Grimy. Groove"

Greg Wilburn//Vocals
Eric Correa//Guitars
Manny Contreras//Guitars
Andrew Holzbaur//Drums

Hometown//Riverside, California
Record Label//Century Media Records
General Manager//Mike Gitter,
Scott Koenig

Influences//Groove. Horror. Whiskey. Lust.
Current Location//Riverside, CA